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MuggleCrazed's Graphics Journal
About Me
My name is Emily and this is my journal for Graphics My Graphics are mostly Avatar related, but I do post other stuff. I listen to Mugglecast, love Harry Potter and John and Hank Green, watch The Office and Boy Meets World. And remember, DFTBA.

Just a few simple rules for using my Graphics.
1. CREDIT!! This is EXTREMELY important. Credit to north_end If using AtLA stuff on ASN, please credit to WhiteLotus. Every where else, North_End
2. Comment. I really would like to know if you used any of my Graphics. Just a quick comment is fine.
3.Don't Hotlink It's rude and annoying. There are several free image hosting sites out there. PhotoBucket, Tiny Pic, ImageShack. Don't use up my bandwidth.
4.Do not alter anything. Please, do not put text on my icons and say it was yours. Just ask and I will do it for you.

Stylesheet and Profile Code by refuted

profile codes | link | link